Late November, 1979 (Dakota, New York): A bemused John and Yoko talk to Sean about where he came from.

SEAN: Daddy, when did we have no house?

JOHN: When? [Yoko laughs]

SEAN: When did we have no house and we rented this house?

YOKO: Um, 1973 we didn’t have this house yet. That’s when we bought this house.


JOHN: Two years before you were born. [Yoko laughs]

SEAN: Oh. And I wasn’t coming with you to find this house? [Yoko laughs]

JOHN: No, you weren’t born yet, you were still in the sky.

SEAN: Oh. [Yoko laughs] And when I came back down here, what did I land in – on?

JOHN: A little cardboard box, with a little blanket in. A little teeny tiny… [laughs] Teeny tiny little Sean-chan in a little teeny tiny cardboard box that used to have apples in it. [laughs] And it used to be just here.

SEAN: I’ve never heard of a – apple box.

JOHN: Well, a little cardboard box like that, see? Like they use to bring the groceries in, only it’s you instead of the groceries.